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Loaded Gear™ AX Rifle Cases & Gun Cases

The new Loaded Gear™ AX series of hard rifle cases are designed for secure storage and transport of weapons. These aluminum framed rigid rifle cases are designed with hard plastic molded crushproof end caps for added protection during transport. The two long rifle case models feature two lockable case latches, crushproof handles and built-in solid wheels for easy transport. The AX-200 hard rifle case is designed to carry up-to 50inch long rifles or shotguns. AX-100 hard rifle case is designed to carry up-to 34inch standard rifles. Also available by Loaded Gear™ is the AX-50 reinforced compact handgun case with a combination lock. The AX series of hard cases all included customizable pre-perforated cubed foam and two layers of egg crate foam case liner to protect rifles from internal movement.