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About Us

Loaded Gear™ A Brand Of Innovative Active Products

Loaded Gear™ an innovative brand of products for today's active lifestyle. At Loaded Gear™ our passion for innovation is our leading force to develop professional grade products and share them with today's active culture. Gear experts, we partner our brand with leading manufactures to drive innovation. Product designs powered by our industry expert's wealth of knowledge bring concepts from design to market. To develop the best, we collaborate with professional equipment experts in the clothing, sporting goods, photography and consumer electronics industry.

Field-tested, Loaded Gear™ designs go through extensive real life application testing. Military, law enforcement, survival experts and avid outdoor enthusiast make up our quality inspection engineer team. Loaded Gear produces professional gear with designs driven by technology and utility not by a market price point. Find professional Loaded Gear™ products at expert gear outfitters and major retail sporting good stores worldwide. We have the first-hand knowledge of how critical the quality of professional gear can be, that's why we stand behind our product with a Loaded Gear™ warranty and expert customer service.

Loaded Gear™ is a proud U.S.A brand, based in Southern California, we employee gear experts from around the world. With design and corporate offices in Pomona, California, Loaded Gear™ is an internationally distributed brand. To find a Loaded Gear™ retailer or to become an official Loaded Gear™ outfitter call us at: 1-888-666-6769 x 141. The Loaded Gear™ trademark is a division of Micro World Corporation.